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Buy Recycled

Buy Recycled

Recycling. It's a simple word.
But we think it represents so much more.

To recycle is to actually think about where your trash goes. Recycling represents American jobs, pollution prevention, increased domestic manufacturing, more landfill space right here in our backyards, and sustainability for the environment and future generations. The word itself is nothing more than a word, but what recycling represents, what it means to us, and how we act on it, is quite something else indeed.

When Eco-Products thinks about recycling, we think about our collective future, the sustainability of our business, and the opportunity to put greater and greater amounts of recycled material into our products. We think about what it's going to take to have our BlueStripe family of products collected curbside across America so there is a closed loop for these materials. We think about how the 4 pounds of daily trash each person generates will affect our planet and our people.

To recycle is an opportunity for all of us to recapture and reuse items that took irreplaceable resources to make. It's about caring about the environment you live in, that same environment that sustains you and your family. You can do small things, like saving your soda bottles and recycling them. Small things do matter. They do add up. Actions speak louder than words. We know it and we live it. You can too.

Recycled-Content 101: All Recycling is Not Equal

Only materials that would otherwise be sent to the landfill can be labeled "recycled". You don't have to take our word for it, the Federal Trade Commission has a strict definition for what products can and can't be labeled as "recycled".

  • Post-Consumer Recycled Materials have been used by consumers, recycled, and repurposed into new things. The higher amount of % post- consumer material in an item, the better. Why? Because making and buying items with high recycled content drives the demand for more and more recycled materials. It inspires innovations that create products that perform just as well with increasingly higher recycled content.

  • Pre-Consumer or Post-Industrial material that we think of as "manufacturing scrap" can not be considered "recycled" Recyclable products can be collected and remanufactured into new products after they've been used. These products do not necessarily contain recycled materials and only benefit the environment if you take action and recycle them after use. Check with your local recycling program to determine which items are recyclable in your community.