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Post-Consumer Recycled PET

Post-Consumer Recycled PET

What exactly is it?

PET (or Polyethylene terephthalate) plastic is it is one of the most common plastics in the world. You have probably seen this plastic in your soda and water bottles that are marked with the resin code #1. PET is produced from fossil fuels — typically natural gas and petroleum, but it is one of the easiest plastics to recycle. Because of this, we found a way to use post-consumer recycled PET plastic in our cups and containers. That way the recycled resin, rPET, becomes more accepted and valuable as people see how easy it is to include in regular items. Best of all, using this material means that we need use fewer virgin petroleum resources to make our products at the end of the day.

Why we use it?

Our recycled PET (rPET) cups are made from 25% recycled PET bottles and our containers are 100% rPET. By including the highest amount of recycled content that we can in each item, our cups offer some great environmental benefits. For example, because there are fewer virgin raw materials used in each cup, we save resources for other uses and divert material that was headed to the landfill by repurposing it into a new product. We are excited to give a second (or third) life to PET.

What's cool about it?

We like to support the growing market for this recycled material, and best of all, each and every rPET cup has already had a previous life (or two) as a plastic bottle.

What is not so cool about it?

Some places are simply not able to accept and recycle rPET today. We are hoping that this changes soon. Eco-Products encourages you to contact your recycling facility to see what is accepted in your area and how you can support recycling. Ask about our BlueStripe™ products and learn where your recycling goes. We think it's pretty cool.