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Other Stuff
Other Stuff
EcoGrip® Hot Cup Sleeve

The EcoGrip® Hot Cup Sleeve is made from 85% post-consumer waste and 100% recycled content overall.

BPI certified compostable

PLA Straws

Pair with our GreenStripe® Cold Cups for a complete compostable solution

Also compatible with our BlueStripe™ Cold Cups

BPI certified compostable

PHA Straws

Made from renewable resources

Made from PHA, a plant-based plastic derived from canola oil

BPI certified compostable

Paper Straws

Made with renewable resources

Compliant with many straw bans

Compostable Liners and Bags

Made with renewable resources

BPI certified compostable

Sandwich Wraps

Multi-functional dry wax sheets

BPI-certified compostable*

Grease-and moisture-resistant

Compostable Stickers

Labels are not made with any PLA

Made from sustainably-sourced wood/paper fibers