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How We Did It

How We Did It

How we think about our products

We focus on the cradle-to-grave lifecycle of our products to understand precisely where we can reduce our impacts as a company. We use tools like life cycle inventory and assessment to do this.

We start by delving into the lives of our products. We want to know what resources are needed to create our products. Are they renewable resources? Are they reclaimed materials? How much recycled content do they contain? Is it pre- or post- consumer? Where does it come from? How many hands touch it before it reaches our manufacturers? Is there something more sustainable out there? After these and many more questions, we make sure to create products as well or better than traditional petroleum-derived products. After all, we wouldn't be here if you wanted typical polystyrene cups.

But that is not the end of our product's lives. . . We realize that you are part of our product's lifecycle. You interact with our products, even for a few fleeting moments. And it is you who can change the destiny of your compostable cup, plate, bowl, or fork simply by seeing that it goes to a commercial composter.

We know that they are single-use items by design, so we want to create products that give you the opportunity to divert waste rather than add waste to landfills wherever possible. When you can't go with a reusable option, we want you encourage you to consider a compostable product made with renewable resources or one made with post-consumer recycled content. Any opportunity to support waste diversion is a good opportunity.