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Sustainability Report 2022

Can you believe this is our ninth annual Sustainability Report?!
As a sustainability-minded company obsessed with the connection between the health of our planet and the impacts of single-use packaging – we are proud to share the story of how we continue to raise the bar in terms of our Operations, Products and Supply Chain, Zero Waste Infrastructure and Operators, and our People.

Some highlights of this year’s report include:

  • Zero Waste Foodservice Operators
    Reaching our goal of helping 25 operators achieve Zero Waste. Woo-hoo!

  • Zero Waste Infrastructure
    Expanded access to commercial composting in three states: Alabama, Alaska, and Texas.

  • People
    Wow, we really knocked It out of the park in terms of meeting goals in the “people” realm of our program! In 2021, the Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion committee, a.k.a. JEDIs, spearheaded an innovative program to support Composter/Hauler Distributors (CHDs) from economically disadvantaged groups.

And, of course, don’t forget our annual Sustainability Report also proclaims what we will be hard at work to achieve in 2022. So, take a read to understand where we’ve been and what we’ve accomplished so far, and get a preview of the wild ride yet to come!